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#963 Iceland 15/08/06

Iceland 150806Here is a beautiful cover from Iceland, which was sent by Patrik, thank you! It was posted in Reykjavík on August 6 and arrived on August 10, 2015.

The mini-sheet was issued on May 7, 2009. It depicts some Atlantic puffins (Fratercula arctica) and commemorates the stamp exhibition NORDIA 2009, which was held in Hafnarfjörður.

#925 Iceland 15/04/08

Iceland 150408Steinunn has sent this very nice cover from Iceland, thank you! It was posted in Reykjavík on April 8 and arrived on April 13, 2015.

The left stamp is part of the “Seals” set, which was issued on January 28, 2010. It depicts the harbor seal (Phoca vitulina).

The right stamp is part of the 2014 EUROPA stamp set (issued March 27, 2014) and depicts a rather modern  instrument: the segulharpa.

#320 Iceland 10/04/28

On May 4 I received my first cover from Iceland. Thank you, Benedikt! The cover was posted on April 28, 2010, in Kópavogur.

The attached mini-sheet was issued on March 18, 2010. It is entitled “Norden By The Sea” and commemorates the ocean and coastal preservation.

The top stamp on the left was issued on 5 September 2002. It depicts the Edging Lobelia (Lobelia erinus). The other left stamp (issued January, 13, 2005) depicts the island of Viðey.

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