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#341 Jordan 09/12/10

On December 10 Jean Pierre sent me this nice cover from Amman, Jordan, thank you!

There are two definitives of 1995 attached, as well as two stamps of 2003, which commemorate the Hashemites Sherif Hussein Bin Ali (1854-1931) and King Abdullah I of Jordan (1882-1951).


#303 Jordan 10/03/13

This nice cover from Jordan arrived on March 18, 2010 (travelling time: 8 days). It was sent by Talal, thank you!

The top left stamp was issued on July 17, 2007. It is part of the “Fruits” set and depicts some grapes. The bottom left stamp is a definitive of 50 fils issued in 1995.

The four stamps and miniature sheet at the right were issued on July 8, 2005. They comemmorate the Dead Sea and depict some salt crystals.

#240 Jordan 09/12/02

This nice cover from Amman, Jordan, was sent to me by Talal, thank you!

The left stamp was issued in 1998, it commemorates the mosaics of the world heritage site Umm ar-Rasas. The three se-tenant stamps at the right commemorate the beginning of the third millennium.

#160 Jordan 09/07/06

Jordan 090706My first cover from Jordan was sent to me by Jafar, thank you!

The three (uncancelled) stamps commemorate the visit of Pope Benedict XVI to Jordan. In addition the registered machine sticker is attached; it reveals the posting date: July 6, 2009, in the Al Abdali district of the capital city Amman.

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