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#1235 Switzerland 18/11/16

This very nice cover from Switzerland was sent by Tristan, thank you very much! It was posted in  Koppigen on November 16, 2018 and arrived on January 23, 2019.

The stamps depict a cheese fondue and a piece of Swiss cheese.

#1205 Japan 19/02/01

Thank you, Takeo, for sending this nice first day cover from Japan! It was posted in Kyoto (京都) on February 1 and arrived on February 7, 2019.

#1189 Angola 18/12/05

My first cover from Angola was sent by Mário, thank you very much! It was posted in Luanda on December 5 and arrived on December 14, 2018.

The stamp set was issued on May 1, 2015. It commemorates the Expo 2015 in Milano.

#1162 Burkina Faso 18/03/23

This nice registered cover from Burkina Faso was sent by Rasmane, thank you! It was posted in Ougadougou on March 23, 2018.

Rasmane included a postcard, which depicts the Grand Séminaire Saint Pierre Claver de Koumi.

#885 Costa Rica 14/12/30

Costa Rica 1501xxThis cover from Costa Rica was sent by Enrique, thank you! It was posted in San José on December 30, 2014 and arrived on January 12, 2015. Unfortunately there is no postmark on the cover (Enrique told me, when he had sent).

The stamp set on the top was issued on October 5, 2001. They depict the orchids Cattleya dowiana “Guaria turrialba” and Trichopilia sp. and commemorate the Costa Rican-Spain Stamp Exhibition in San José.

The bottom left stamp is part of a set (issued on December 1, 2014), which commemorates traditional dishes.

The last stamp is part of the mini-sheet “Costa Rican Comic Strips”, which was issued on June 15, 2011.

See also: #278 Costa Rica 10/02/18

#880 US Virgin Islands 14/12/30

US Virgin Islands 141230This very nice cover from the US Virgin Islands was sent by Steven, thank you very much!

This cover was posted in Saint Thomas on December 30, 2014, and arrived on January 7, 2015. It was cancelled again on December 30 in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

The attached stamp set is entitled “Farmer’s Markets” and was issued on August 7, 2014.

#861 Laos 14/10/07

Laos 141007This very nice cover from Laos was sent by Wolfgang, thank you very much! It was posted in Vientiane on October 7 and arrived on October 21, 2014.

The stamp on the left commemorates the pottery handicraft. It is part of the set “Lao handicrafts”, which was issued on March 14, 2011. The middle stamp is part of the “Aubergines/Eggplant” set, which was issued on October 1, 2008. The right stamp is part of the stamp set, which commemorates the 40th anniversary of the ASEAN. It was issued on August 8, 2007.

See also:#628 Laos 13/01/24

#860 Taiwan 14/10/16

Taiwan 141016Kia has sent this beautiful first day cover from Taiwan, thank you very much! It was cancelled on October 16 (Minguo calendar year: 103) and arrived on November 5, 2014.

The special postmarks and the right stamp commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Taipei Zoo. The stamp is part of a mini-sheet and depicts a panda bear and its baby.

The left stamp is part of the set “Taiwanese Delicacies”, which was issued on January 31, 2013.

#858 Italy 14/06/24

Italy 140624This nice cover from Italy was sent by Salvatore, thank you! It was posted in Pompei on June 24 and arrived on July 3, 2014.

The stamp on the right was issued on May 14, 2014. it commemorates the 50th anniversary of Nutella.

#806 Ukraine 13/11/01

Ukraine 131101V.V. sent this beautiful cover from Ukraine, thank you! It was posted in Uzhgorod on November 1 and arrived on November 11, 2013.

The cover is a postal stationery and commemorates the Ukrainian sculptor Vasil’ Svida (1913-1989).

The left stamp was issued on August 24, 2013, and depicts some pumpkins. The right stamp (issued October 9, 2013) is entitled “History of National Communication”.

See also: #772 Ukraine 14/03/12

#724 Sweden 13/05/20

Sweden 130520This nice cover from Sweden was sent by Thomas, thank you! It was posted in Gävle on May 20 and arrived on May 22, 2013.

The top left stamp was issued on September 2, 1967, and commemorates the change to right-hand traffic. The middle stamp (issued March 27, 1984) depicts Queen Silvia. The top right stamp was issued on March 10, 1976. The bottom stamp is part of the set “Cookies”, which was issued on May 8, 2013.

See also: #452 Sweden 10/12/28

#555 Mayotte 11/09/08

Thank you, Jean Pierre, for sending this nice cover from Mayotte! It was posted in Mamoudzou on September 8 and arrived on September 16, 2011.

The left stamp was issued on 10 September 2011 and therefore was used before its issuing date! It depicts a Madjiliss ceremony. The two stamps on the right depict an orange (Citrus × sinensis) and kapok tree (Ceiba pentandra) with fruits. This set was issued on 18 August, 2011.

#554 Cambodia 12/02/25

Thanks, Juris, for sending this nice cover from Cambodia! It was posted in Phnom Penh on February 25 and arrived on March 12, 2012.

The left stamp is part of the set “Ancient Locomotives”, which was issued on August 17, 1995. It depicts the 1937 Norris steam locomotive model “Lafayette”.

The middle stamp is part of the definitive set “Rice Cultivation”, which was issued on 1 March 2000, and the right stamp is a definitive of 1997.

See also: #131 Cambodia 09/02/28

#529 France 11/02/26

Thank you, Eric, for sending this beautiful first day cover from France! It was issued and posted on February 26 and arrived on March 8, 2011.

The mini-sheet and the two stamps commemorate the Stamp Day 2011. They are part of a set of 12 designs.

#486 Malaysia 11/04/28

Thank you,Khor Kok Keong, for sending this beautiful FDC from Malaysia! It was issued and posted on April 28 and arrived on May 5, 2011. The stamp set is entitled “Setem Ku” and the stamps commemorate the traditional art of woodcarving, a hibiscus flower (Bunga Raya), a traditional kite (Wau Bulan), and the durian fruit.

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