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#779 Afghanistan 14/04/10

Afghanistan 140410This very nice cover from Afghanistan was sent by Martin, thank you very much! I tried for some years to receive a cover from there, which seemed nearly impossible, but finally it worked! :D

The letter was posted in Kandahar on April 10 and arrived on April 22, 2014. On the back of the cover there is an additional postmark: “14.-4.2014 KABOUL Depart”.

The top left stamp was issued on September 9, 2006. It commemorates the World Post Day. The stamp below is part of a set (issued on June 1, 1985), which commemorates the International UNICEF Child Survival Campaign.

The top middle stamp is part of a set (issued on December 16, 2003), which commemorates the Tourism Day. The stamp below commemorates the United Nations Day. It was issued on October 25, 1969.

Last but not least, the right stamp is part of the set “Working Towards a Mine Free Afghanistan”, which was issued on April 4, 2006.

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