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#1220 Cyprus 17/03/16

Wolfgang has sent this beautiful registered cover from Cyprus, thank you! It was posted in Paralimni on March 16 and arrived on March 22, 2017.

The stamps depict the flowers Carlina pygmaea, Tulipa cypria, Centaurea akamantis, Crocus hartmannianus, and Origanum dubium.


#209 Cyprus 09/06/23

This nice cover from Cyprus was sent to me by Nasia from Nicosia on June 23, 2009, thank you!

The attached stamp set was issued on June 1, 2009. It commemorates the XIII Games of the Small States of Europe, which took place in Cyprus from June 1 to 6. The stamp set has the number 01891. The fourth stamp is the “refugee fund stamp”, about which I already wrote in this article.

Cyprus 08/11

cyprus-0811Cover from Cyprus, posted in Limassol (?) in November 2008.

The left stamp is part of the set “Neoclassical Buildings of Cyprus”, which was issued on October 2, 2007. It depicts the office building of the Anastasios George Leventis Foundation in Nicosia. This philanthropic foundation was founded in 1979 and supports many cultural and historical organisations as well as the restoration of Cyprus’ cultural heritage, which was destroyed during the Turkish invasion of 1974 (read more at The stamp has a face value of 0.85 euro resp. 0.50 Cyprus pounds. Cyprus changed its currency to euros on January 1, 2008.

The right stamp is the 2008 “refugee found stamp” with a face value of 2 cent. This stamp has to be attached to each Cypriot letter; the postage supports the refugee found, which helps Greek Cypriots, who were driven out of the North during the 1974 invasion. Interestingly, this stamp has only one currency indicated.

I found a nice article on the twin-currency stamps of Cyprus:

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