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#758 Panama 14/01/13

Panama 140113This nice cover from Panama was sent by Holger, thank you! It was posted in Boquete, Chiriquí on January 13 and arrived on January 28, 2014.

The attached stamps are part of the set “The 100th Anniversary of Panama Republic”, which was issued in 2003. They commemorate the plants panama tree (Sterculia apetala) and the orchid Peristeria elata.

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#706 Panama 13/05/??

Panama 1305xxThis nice registered cover from Panama was sent by Israel, thank you! It was posted in Panama City and arrived on May 27, 2013.

The stamps were issued in 2000 and commemorate Mireya Moscoso, who was the first female president of Panama. She served from 1999 to 2004.

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#475 Panama 11/02/17

A. Garcia sent me my first cover from Panama, thanks a lot! It was posted in Betania on February 17 and arrived on March 3, 2011. The cover and special cancellation commemorate the International Holocaust Remembrance Day on January 27.

The stamp on the front and three on the back commemorate the centenary of the independence of Panama in 1903. They are part of a set, which was issued on November 26, 2003.

The middle stamp on the back was issued in 2007 and commemorates Panama’s national park Sarigua.

The bottom airmail stamp on the back was issued on November 24, 2003. It is entitled “Jewels of the Pollera“.

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