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#760 Tuvalu 14/01/02

Tuvalu 140102On February 5, 2014, I received this registered letter from the Tuvalu Philatelic Bureau. It was posted in Funafuti on January 2 and delivered by New Zealand Post. The NZ post officer attached an additional registered sticker and crossed it out, because the actual (UPU style) sticker is on the back. On the back there is also a customs declaration cancellation.

The attached stamps commemorate the corals Acropora echinata, A. yongei, A. caroliniana, A. anthocercis, and Astreopora myriophthalma.

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#433 Tuvalu 10/11/??

Thank you very much, Wu, for sending this nice postcard from Tuvalu!

The card arrived on November 15, 2010. Unfortunately the postmark is heavily blurred and unreadable. A red postmark with the inscription “R FUNAFUTI TUVALU” is still visible.

The attached stamp depicts the coral Acropora aculeus.

The picture side shows a view on Funafala lagoon side beach of Funafuti.

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