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#816 Argentina 14/05/19

Argentina 140519This nice cover from Argentina was sent by Tomas, thank you! It was posted in Villa La Angostura on May 19 and arrived on May 26, 2014.

The stamp set was issued on March 5, 2014. It is the UPAEP issue and commemorates Hugo Chávez (1954-2013).


#699 Paraguay 13/09/17

Paraguay 130917My first cover from Paraguay was sent by Fernando, thank you! It was posted in Asunción on September 17 and arrived on September 27, 2013.

The attached stamps were cut out of their mini-sheets, which both were issued in 2012. The top stamp commemorates the 150th anniversary of the death of Carlos Antonio López (1792-1862), who was the first president of Paraguay.

The second stamp is the UPAEP stamp and commemorates Kerana, a figure in Guarani mythology.

Paraguay 130917backOn the back of the cover, there is another postmark of Asunción and tax cancels.

#698 Honduras 13/09/02

Honduras 130902This amazing registered cover from Honduras was sent by Raul, thank you! It was posted in Colonia Kennedy (part of Tegucigalpa) on September 2 and arrived on September 13, 2013.

The three top left stamps (issued March 23, 2011) commemorate the centenary of the foundation of the UPAEP (Postal Union of the Americas, Spain and Portugal) in 1911. They depict Yum Kaax, the god of the forest. The mini-sheet commemorates the butterfly Dryadula phaetusa (the inscription is “phalusa”, but the correct term is “phaetusa”).

The other six stamps are part of a set issued on August 25, 2012, which commemorates the 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Honduras and South Korea. The stamps depict different artefacts and the presidents of Honduras and South Korea.

#494 Argentina 11/04/08

Thank you, Viviana, for sending this nice cover! It was posted in Buenos Aires on April 8 and arrived on April 19, 2011.

The stamp set on the left commemorate the shells Trophon geversianus, Epitonium fabrizioi, Odontocymbiola magellanica, Calliostoma militaris. The stamps were issued on August 23, 2008.

The right stamp commemorates the Argentinan newspaper “El Cronista”.

The bottom stamp was issued on September 27, 2008. It is the UPAEP (Unión Postal de las Américas, España y Portugal, more info here) stamp and commemorates Argentina’s National Flower Festival. It depicts the flowers Gerbera, Gardenia, and Rose.

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