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#1336 Tunisia 19/12/31

This very nice cover from Tunisia was sent by Ben, thank you! It was posted in Oualagh on December 31, 2019 and arrived on January 13, 2020.

The middle stamp commemorates the lemon variety “Eureka“.


#435 Tunisia 10/11/25

On December 6, 2020, I received this nice cover from Tunisia, thank you my friend!

It was posted on November 25 in Tunis. The top 2005 stamp  commemorates Jebba Karmassoud. The bottom 2009 stamp commemorates the 100th birthday of the poet Aboul-Qacem Echebbi (1909-1934).

#123 Tunisia 09/02/16

tunisia-090216My first cover from Tunisia was posted in Djerba on February 16, 2009. The attached 2008 stamp commemorates the Tunisian author Mahmoud Messadi (1911-2004), who also was minister of education and culture. Among his merits are the modernisation of the Tunisian education system and the foundation of the Tunisian university. The stamp was cancelled with an interesting postmark, advertising for the Tunisian Post using the words “La Poste Tunisienne toujours plus … vers le modernisme” (the Tunisian Post always more … towards modernism).

Thank you, my Tunisian friend, for sending me this nice cover!

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