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#1252 United Kingdom 19/10/14

Raymond has sent this very nice cover from Northern Ireland. It was posted in Belfast on October 14 and arrived on November 4, 2019.

The stamps depict a herring and a red gurnard.


#1241 United Kingdom – Lundy 19/08/29

On September 2 I received this nice cover from Lundy, UK. It was posted on August 29 and cancelled again by the Royal Mail on August 30, 2019.

The stamp commemorates the visit of the royal family to Lundy in 1977.

#1213 United Kingdom – Lundy 19/04/02

On April 8 I received this cover from Lundy. It was posted on April 2, 2019. The left stamp depicts the North Lighthouse, the right stamp depicts some puffins (Fratercula sp.).

#878 United Kingdom – Talyllyn Railway Letter Service 14/12/29

Talyllyn 141229On January 5, 2015 I received this letter from the UK, which was carried by the Talyllyn Railway Letter Service (more info here). This service is one of Great Britain’s railway letter services still in operation.

The stamp for the railway letter fee was cancelled on December 29, 2014. Unfortunately the Royal Mail did not apply any postmark. The attached stamps are part of the “Wales” set, which was issued on July 15, 2004. They depict the Marloes Sands, the Barmouth Bridge, and Rhewl in Dee Valley.

#866 United Kingdom 14/09/08

UK 140908This nice cover from the UK was sent by C., thank you! It was posted in London on September 8 and arrived on September 12, 2014.

The top left stamp is part of the “Swans” set, which commemorates the 600th anniversary of the Abbotsbury Swannery. It was issued on January 19, 1993. The top right stamp is part of the set (issued on April 12, 2011), which commemorates the 50th anniversary of the Royal Shakespeare Company.

The bottom stamp commemorates the 1983 Commonwealth Day. It is part of a set, which was issued on March 9, 1983.

#718 United Kingdom 13/10/10

UK 131010This nice first day cover from the UK was sent by Daphne, thank you! It was posted on October 10 and arrived on October 16, 2013.

The stamps commemorate the dinosaur genera polacanthus and ichthyosaurus.

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