#1028 Caribbean Netherlands 16/02/26

Caribbean Netherlands 160226This nice cover from the Caribbean Netherlands was sent by Tristan, thank you! It was posted in Saba on February 26 and arrived on March 18, 2016.

See also: #691 Caribbean Netherlands 13/03/25


5 comments so far

  1. breeziejohnson on

    Are you an international postcard collector?

  2. Florian on

    I am collecting mainly letters, but if I am receiving a nice postcard, I am happy too :)

  3. breeziejohnson on

    Do you have one from Sint Maarten yet? It used to be part of the Dutch Caribbean, but now it is autonomous.

  4. Florian on

    No, I don’t have a postcard from there yet. If you could send one from St. Maarten that would be nice! :)

  5. breeziejohnson on


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