#877 Austria 14/11/30

Austria 141130This very nice cover arrived on December 3, 2014. It is an FDC of the Christmas stamp, which was on board of the balloon “D-ORIE”. Unfortunately the balloon flight was cancelled due to adverse weather.

In the top left corner there is the boarding cancel, in the middle there is the special cancel of the event “54. Weihnachtsballonpost” (54th Christmas Balloon Post), and on the right there is the “Christkindl”-postmark of the issue day of the Christmas-stamp (28.11.2014).

The green rectangular cancel in the bottom left corner shows the dates of the balloon flight: there the flight cancellation is noted.

See also: #730 Austria 13/12/01


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  1. stevenzirinsky on

    I sent you two covers today from the US virgin Islands.

    Steven Zirinsky
    Zirinsky Stamps
    PO BOX 230049
    Ansonia Station
    New York, NY 10023
    t: 718-706-0616
    f: 718-706-0619

  2. […] See also: #877 Austria 14/11/30 […]

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