#747 Czech Republic 13/09/09

Czech 130909This nice cover from the Czech Republic was sent by Vlastimil, thank you! It was posted in Brno on September 9 and arrived on September 11, 2013.

The left stamp is part of a stamp set (issued June 12, 2013), which commemorates historic vehicles. It depicts a railcar Tatra 15/30. The right stamp (issued May 29, 2013) commemorates the cartoon “The Mole and the Rocket” (1966).

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  1. RJV on

    Interesting cover, Florian! If there is no stamp on back side, then 2 CZK are missing to complete the correct postage. You received cover with insufficient postage :). There was change of postal rates past year in Czechia, perhaps the clerk didn’t learn the new rates :).

  2. Florian on

    There is no stamp on the back. Does the “A” stand for a fixed value or for a postage rate (like “inland”, “overseas” etc.)?

  3. RJV on

    The “A” is for the inland postage rate, which is currently (and it was on Sep 9, 2013 as well) equalling to 13 CZK.

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