#700 China 13/03/16

PRC 130316Thank you very much, Wang Jia Yi, for sending this beautiful FDC from China! It was posted in Changshu, Jiangsu (江苏常熟) and arrived on April 2, 2013. The postmark also has the inscription Jinsha River 7 (金沙江7).

The stamp set is entitled “Peach Blossom”; the stamps commemorate various peach cultivars (clockwise from top left): Prunus persica ‘Albo-plena’, ‘Danfen’, ‘Pinxia’, ‘Atropurpurea’, ‘Xiayu Shouxing’, ‘Versicolor’, ‘Magnifica’, ‘Batsch’, ‘Er Se’, ‘Ln E Chuizhi’, ‘Terutebeni’, ‘Wubao Tao’.

See also: #597 China 12/07/27


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