#691 Caribbean Netherlands 13/03/25

Caribbean Netherlands 130325This very nice cover from the Caribbean Netherlands was sent by Jean Pierre, thank you! It was posted in Saba on March 25 and arrived on May 29, 2013.

The two stamps on top are part of the set “Constitution – New Beginning”, which was issued on June 1, 2011. They depict the fish Yellowcheek Wrasse (Halichoeres cyanocephalus) and Glassy Sweeper (Pempheris schomburgkii)—all “decorated” with flags.

The bottom stamp was issued on November 4, 2011. It commemorates the visit of Queen Beatrix in 2011.

#655 Sint Maarten 12/04/26
#398 Netherlands Antilles 10/06/10
#330 Netherlands Antilles 10/05/05


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  1. […] See also: #691 Caribbean Netherlands 13/03/25 […]

  2. […] See also: #691 Caribbean Netherlands 13/03/25 […]

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