#350 Kyrgyzstan 10/05/14

Thank you, Rustam, for my first cover from Kyrgyzstan! It was posted in Kemin on May 14 and arrived in Graz on June 10, 2010 (travel time nearly one month!).

Rustam told me that Kyrgyzstan post does not allow stamps on covers; a fact sounding strange to me. It would be interesting to know more on this rule—I read about a lot of illegal issues, which could be a good reason.


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  1. Ralph on

    Hi, Florian!

    Hello! It’s me Ralph from the Philippines. How are you? I regularly visit your blog.

    Like you, I do have a cover from Kyrgyzstan, yeah,.. they don’t used stamps on the envelope. What my friend did, is she just enclosed the stamps inside the envelope. It’s kinda strange, that stamps are not allowed to be affixed on the envelope in Kyrgyzstan. Don’t you think?

    I have sent you a cover from country last month. Haven’t you received it?

    You said you gonna send me cover from UN, but till now I never received it.



  2. Nasia on


    If they can use the stamps on cover then why do they issue them?


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