#167 South Korea 09/06/13

Korea 090613Seung Young Oh sent me this beautiful FDC from South Korea. The mini sheetlet is a Korea/Mongolia/Kazakhstan joint issue, which depicts earrings of each country. It was issued on June 13, 2009.

The Korean earring […] is an earring made in the 5th-6th centuries for the royal family of the Silla dynasty. It was excavated from a Bubuchong (a couple tomb), in Bomun-ri, Gyeongju city. Boasting sophisticated esthetics and excellent metal craft, this earring is considered the most superb and elaborate example of the Silla period earrings. […]
The Mongolian earring […] was used by noblemen in the 18th-19th centuries. Its 20.0 cm long form hangs down vertically. It is adorned with not only gold and silver but turquoise and coral as well, […].
The Kazakhstan earring […] was used by noblemen from the 2nd century BC to 1st century AD. It features a wild boar attacking humans, and is made of gold, turquoise, and carnelian. […]
The setting of each stamp is in the pattern of Korea’s gold crown of the 5th-6th centuries, Mongolia’s traditional pattern of the 19th century, and the pattern of a Kazakhstan female apparel of the 18th century. These patterns inserted into the setting of the stamp present a sense of harmony with the earrings.
(info sheet text of the FDC)

Korea 090613backOn the back of the cover one definitive depicting the bird Parus major was attached and cancelled with the postmark of Seoul-Eunpyeong.

Thank you very much for this marvelous FDC!


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