#138 Nagorno-Karabakh 09/05/05

karabakh 090505Cover from the internationally unrecognised Republic of Nagorno-Karabakh (break away region of Azerbaijan), posted in Stepanakert on May 5, 2009.

The cover has attached the top left stamp of the sheet of 2004 Christmas issue. It depicts a fragment of a Krkeni kilim of the 19th century, which was found in Harav Village.

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  1. Pablo (yo) on

    Great cover!

    You should really keep it, since it is a proof that Nagorno Karabakh stamps really are being postally issued and accepted on international mail.

  2. […] de rebre una missiva des del Karabakh franquejada amb un segell d’allà. La podeu veure aquí. Efectivament, doncs, les cartes amb aquests segells arriben. Un altre col·leccionista amb web, […]

  3. Ralph on

    Hi Floran,

    I am Ralph from the Philippines. I am a cover collector. We share the same in collecting covers in every country in the world. I also have a nice cover from Republic of Nagorno-Karabakh, i thought at first that it would never reach to me because it is not a recognized country. Just last week, a got a cover from North Korea. I still have lots of country to collect like Egypt, Kenya, Latin American countries ( I only have Argentina, Chile, Brazil and Nicaragua) and most of African countries ( I only have Nigeria, Cameroon, Sierra Leon, Madagascar, S. Africa, Tunisia, Algeria and Ethiopia).

    Happy collecting.

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