#134 China 09/01/05

china-090105First day cover from China, posted in Tangshan on January 5, 2009.

The left stamp on this beautiful cover is part of the series “Architecture of the Dong Nationality” (issued on June 2, 1997); it depicts the Zengchong Drum Tower. The top third stamp and the bottom stamp are part of this series too; they show two “Wind and Rain Bridges”. The top right stamp commemorates the Year of the Ox; it was issued on January 5, 2009. Finally, the middle stamp of 2001 depicts the fish Acipenser dabryanus.

The FDC commemorates the Ji-Chou Year (Year of the Ox):

Since ancient times, the ox, always found working on farmland, has been regarded as an honest, supportive labor partner of human beings. In the eyes of Chinese people, the ox is a symbol, of hardworking spirit and selfless contribution. Widely-circulated adages like “Aware of the arrival of its late years, the ox drives itself further without being whipped” and “Head-bowed, like a willing ox I serve the children” represent the traditional virtue and diligence of the Chinese people. The ox also symbolizes affluence and ease. It will bring a vigorous, dynamic hope of a new year and herald a bright prospect.
(backcover text of FDC)

Thank you, Wang, for sending me this beautiful FDC!


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