Armenia 08/06/15

armenia-080615Postcard from Armenia, posted in Yerevan on June 15, 2008.

My parents sent me this card from their visit to Armenia and Georgia. It depicts an old church of the 9th century in Sevan. Armenia was the first nation, which adopted Christianity in 301. According to legend the Armenian religion was founded by the two apostles Thaddaeus and Bartholomew.

armenia-080615back_excMy parents told me a funny story about the post office, where the whole travel group wanted to post their cards: The officer waited for half an hour until she attached the stamps and cancelled them, following her instructions to start cancelling at 9 AM! Furthermore, the visitors were not allowed to attach the stamps themselves, and she used up all 50 dram stamps, before she used the 100 dram ones. The travel group consisted of 50 people, it would have been better to use two 100 and one 50 dram stamp. So most of the latter posted cards had to be sent with a total postage of 300 dram, because no 50 dram stamps were left …


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  1. Rudy pinto on

    Great site Florian. Interesting covers. All the best

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