Italy 2008/10/12

italy-081012Cover from Italy, posted on October 12, 2008.

The cover has two stamps, the left one is a definitive with a face value of 5 cent, the right one is the 2008 EUROPA stamp of Italy. It has a face value of 60 cent. Both stamps were cancelled with the special cancellation “Tratta Ferroviaria Coggiola-Grignasco – Manifestazione Storica a 100 Anni Dall’Inaugurazione” (100 years of the train track CoggiolaGrignasco).

Thank you, Alfredo, for this nice cover!


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  1. friz on

    Hi Florian
    If you love such kind of covers I can send you others. Our post office here in the city of Biella issue more then 10 hand cancellation every year. I can supply them all, if you wish. Two others are available right now. The last one was issued just last 4th november. NExt 24-28 nov I’ll be in luxembourg. Tell me if you wish a covers from there and tell me which topic you prefer as postage. Look at and choose in year 2008 stamps what you like to get. Ok ? ciao Alfredo

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